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The Listed Places of Worship (LPW) Grant Scheme gives grants that cover the VAT incurred in making repairs to listed buildings in use as places of worship. The scheme covers repairs to the fabric of the building, along with associated professional fees, plus repairs to turret clocks, pews, bells and pipe organs.

The Scheme has been run by DCMS with a focus on preserving heritage in the fabric of our UK listed places of worship. Since its establishment in 2001, the Scheme has adapted to changes while continuing to support places of worship by delivering the fairest possible system of making grants and ensuring that all faiths and areas of the UK are equally able to make use of scheme.

Funded up to £42m, the LPWS has paid out £151m since its inception and assisting over 13,000 buildings. The LPW scheme presently receives approximately 4000 applications per annum. Eligibility for a LPW grant is assessed against complex criteria, involving the eligibility of the building and the nature of the work being carried out. From 1 October 2013, further works have become eligible for grants and this is likely to result in an increase in the number and size of claims received.

The DCMS recognises that there are particular burden to the upkeep of our spiritual architecture. The Listed Place of Worship scheme grants aim to redress financial short falls and continue to support our listed and protected architecture for future generations.


Topmark are the administrators of the Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme.

The Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme makes grants towards the VAT incurred in making repairs and carrying out alterations to listed buildings mainly used for public worship.

This guidance is designed to help you in completing your application.

Please read this carefully before completing the application form.

To check if the place of worship which is the subject of the your application is listed, please refer to the relevant links below:

If you require further assistance then please speak to one of our operators on 0845 013 6601. Calls will be charged at the local rate.

To avoid the possibility of duplicate payment we share some of the information you provide to us with other grant providing organisations such as Historic England, the Heritage Lottery Fund, other relevant Lottery distributors and devolved administration heritage agencies, Cadw, Historic Scotland and Northern Ireland Environment Agency. We will hold some of the information you give on the database and use this information to process applications and grants and to produce


Following the introduction of the change to the VAT rate applied to alterations to listed buildings on 1 October 2012, up to £42m per year will be available for the Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme for the duration of this Parliament. This total annual budget includes administration costs of grant assessment and processing.


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